My Lady's Knight, Inc.

Favors Received through Charles' Intercession

Several people have inquired about providing documentation about miraculous events, healings, or favors received through the intercession of Charles Untz.  There has not been a cause for sainthood opened by the Catholic Church for Charles, but we will collect any such documentation and hold it until such time as the Church requests it.  All submissions will be held in confidence, unless you specifically request it be placed on the web site.

Requested information for documenting favors received:

  • Your name and contact information
  • The name and contact information of the affected person or people
  • Background information to help in understanding the favor
  • A description of the favor, as detailed as possible
  • Names and contact information of individuals who can corroborate the event or favor
  • Any statements from corroborating individuals

The amount of information you are willing or able to provide is up to you, but for future investigation by the Church the more detail the better.

You may submit the information via email to

You may also mail the information to:

Ellen Untz, Secretary
My Lady's Knight, Inc.
4700 165th Ave NW
Andover, MN  55304-1740

To anyone who is willing to submit information about favors received through Charles' intercession, thank you.